Our Stylists

Letrice Lewis (make-up artist/hair stylist) www.styleseat.com/tricedamua

Letrice Rene Lewis attended North Clayton High school where she took 3 years of cosmetology with aspirations on becoming a hairstylist/make-up artist. She later went on to pursue her career in make-up by free lance in efforts of getting major exposure. Letrice now works at Zzz Beauty Hair Shop but has many gigs that follow suite. Letrice provides her clients with an experience they will not forget being that her motto is, "Your face is to me....what a canvas is to an artist".

Anndrina Butler (hair stylist)

Anndrina began her career doing hair extensions in livingrooms of her clients around the metro Atlanta area at the tender age of 15. In the spring of 2011, she decided to start her study under Scott Cole and Linda Yodice at the Paul Mitchell School Atlanta. Anndrina began studying an advanced cutting system and many color techniques while improving her extension techniques and learning how to properly care for all types of hair.  She is passionate in ensuring all of herclients have a healthy head of hair and an absolute fabulous look. Anndrina‚Äôs ultimate goal is to provide Maximum Style, Ultimate Structure, and Complete Satisfaction for each and every one of her clients.

Currently Looking for New Hairstylists to Join the Team



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